Inov 8 Tri X225

DSCN1160At last an opportunity to post about these shoes. Purchased in April with a view to making these my main triathlon/duathlon shoe for 2014, as ever with Inov 8 they looked good, had useful design fetaures and were comfortable straight from the box.
I held back from posting my initial observations because, sadly, my initial reactions were not so positive. The shoes felt comfortable underfoot and the uppers were good; pleasingly Inov8 had provided elastic laces too which saves a few pounds with an inovative lace locking system. But here’s the rub….for some inexplicable reason the heel tab has been raised on this model to such an extent that it rubs the Achilles tendon.
Despite this I have been able to successfully use the shoes in all seven duathlons I’ve raced this year, covering 70 of the 80 kilometres run in the shoes.
Other than the their Achilles heel, the shoes fit well with a roomy toe box for a good natural running action. Entry and exit in transitions are very swift, especially with the lace system which works very well, a wide entry point and heel tab. The cushioning is just sufficient for a well developed footstrike and there is just enough heel cushioning for those whose form deteriorates through a race. The uppers are perfect for sockless running in triathlon and I think they will dry quickly although I am yet to use them in wet conditions.
All in all, a good pair of shoes as per nearly all the Inov8s I have used…I am just a bit disappointed by the heel and must make a decision about cutting it down.