12 months running log….

…and finally here is my belated running log for 2013/14, possibly the least yearly mileage I have put in since my return to running/multisport in 2002. Whilst I only logged a miserly 1,228 kilometres of running, I still managed to complete the Colworth marathon, Snowdonia Marathon, Powerman Zofingen Duathlon and a World Record for 12 hours running indoors on a treadmill. So, whilst he miles were low, there was some quality stuff in there. That said, if you extract the quality effort which accounts for 420km of racing, I only trained for 808km last year…

The winning shoe, if that’s what you can call it was the Inov8 X Talon 190s. This was my third pair and I once again felt very comfortable in them although initially I found the heel tabs were too high and caused problems with my Achilles tendons. i used them to good effect throughout the year and raced in them at the worlds in Zofingen. Sadly however i have worn one of the lugs which is consistent with my current forefoot strike. In all, they have covered 232.2 of my kilometres, about 1/5th of my total running. They were however only just ahead of my Inov8 192s with 231.6 km to their name. In third were my Newton Distance with 192.4km.

In summary then, hardly a vintage year for total crop, but a fine vintage none the less with a 7th place at the worlds and my second Guinness World Record.JC 12 hour record


Tired legs – time for some concentration on running form

Tired legs after last nights track session and getting used to training regularly again.  This means that I must ensure that I focus more on my running form to reduce the risk of injury.  It had been raining in the night and so I elected for my old Inov8 X Talon 190s.  Plenty of deer on the far side of the Woburn deer park, and a woodpecker to keep me entertained.  It looked busy in the Safari park and so the animals were in the main pens…no elephants today then!  On the way home I checked out the run course for Thursdays 3k performance assessment and the park for the video analysis and running drills.  Another run in the bank and hopefully soon I will have the red light to step it up another gear!


Paris House run

Another longish run on Sunday in the new Inov8 X Talon 190s.  Much of the deer park and woodland is still extremely soggy but it was great to be running in the sunshine for what feels like the first time in months – which it probably is,  My legs are struggling a little with what is now my 39th run of the year.  None of them have been over strenuous as my return to fitness continues however the total number is obviously beginning to take its toll.  My hip flexors in particular are feeling the strain and I need to get back into the good routine of mobility exercises and stretching!  A good 13.1 km run this morning and my enthusiasm is again restored – bring on the summer!


Soulbury Road hill session with Leighton Buzzard Tri

I remain in awe of the introductory running group at LB Tri.  Once again we hit the hills and ran a very demanding set of intervals, concentrating on running form and recovery on the climbs and fast efforts on the descents.  It was a little bit chilly with a cold breeze however all stuck to the task and we run an excellent 9.7k.  Another good run out in my Newton Distance racers.


Chiltern Cross Country league final race

Back to MK for the final race of the season at Campbell Park.  I enjoyed the run out last time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon but things were slightly different this time around. Some course changes took away the advantages of long downhill sections and those that remained were very muddy.  It was more cold, wet and extremely windy.  I started out a lot harder in the hope of not being delayed in the narrow sections and whilst this may have been an advantage I ultimately paid the price of going too hard too soon and subsequently lost some ground.  That said, it was a good run out and I was pleased with the way that I tackled the muddy sections in the Inov 8 X Talon 190s and pleased with my running form.  I again struggled into the stiff wind and uphill, more training is still required.  In the end I was 3rd for the club and 3rd in league 2 Mv50s.