Tired legs – time for some concentration on running form

Tired legs after last nights track session and getting used to training regularly again.  This means that I must ensure that I focus more on my running form to reduce the risk of injury.  It had been raining in the night and so I elected for my old Inov8 X Talon 190s.  Plenty of deer on the far side of the Woburn deer park, and a woodpecker to keep me entertained.  It looked busy in the Safari park and so the animals were in the main pens…no elephants today then!  On the way home I checked out the run course for Thursdays 3k performance assessment and the park for the video analysis and running drills.  Another run in the bank and hopefully soon I will have the red light to step it up another gear!


Stantonbury track session 20 x 200 m off 3 mins

A hard track session with Leighton Buzzard Tri club this evening.  I used my Newton Distance racers to warm up and then my Inov 8 X233s for the first 5 reps with 200m active recovery.  They are currently surprisingly comfortable to run in.  I then swapped to my Inov 8 Bare X 150s for the next 5, my Saucony Hattoris for 5 and then went back to my Newtons for the final 5.  I got faster through each set of 5 and finished at the head of the pack.  A cold evening but a hard and pleasurable session completed.


The new Inov 8 X Talon 190s – first impression

I took the bright orange 190s out today for what was likely to be a wet and slippery 10.2k route through the deer park, by Paris House and back.  It was sunny for once and reasonably dry underfoot in the areas where the water has finally drained or been dried by the strong breeze.  Much of the park and the back wall however is still very much under water, muddy and slippery.  The 190s coped very well with the slippery bits however they are just not as flexible as the old shoes.  I know that I have lofty expectations – the old X Talons were the best out of the box shoes I’ve run in  – and may be my running form isn’t quite where I would like it, but these didn’t quite feel as comfortable or as good.  Having gone up half a size to ensure an adequate toe box, I could feel extra room around the heel with a little bit of slippage which I could do without.  The heel is quite stiff in comparison to the old shoe and I hope that this will ease in time.