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Jon CowellJon Cowell has been training, coaching and mentoring all manner of athletes for over 20 years; from unwilling and unathletic soldiers through to those preparing for SF selection, from middle aged running club beginners to experienced marathoners and from those taking their first tentative steps in triathlon to medal winning Age Group Duathletes, Triathletes and International athletes.

Jon is a competing athlete himself, having run his first marathon at age 14. Since then he has branched out into duathlon and triathlon, and represented Great Britain many times as an age-group duathlete, winning silver medal at the European championships and silver at the World Series Powerman duathlon in Belgium, both in 2008. More recently, at the age of 48, Jon broke the Guinness world record for the indoor ironman triathlon in a time of 08:24.47 and broke the Guinness world treadmill 12-hour running record, covering 102.08 km.

During the last 6 years, he has worked on his running form, gradually transitioning back to a more natural, forefoot style of running, which served him so well as a teenager on the track. The lack of academic and practical guidance led him to create Natural Running Form – a model of running now supported by both academic research and practical results. This has made him and many of his delighted customers more efficient runner, suffering fewer injuries.

Jon holds an MSc in Sport Coaching from Loughborough University, a 1st Class Honours Degree in Sport Science from MMU, a PGCE from the University of Greenwich and is a member of the coach education and mentoring team for Triathlon England.  He also holds the highest level coaching qualification for Triathlon, coaching qualifications for UK Athletics (Endurance Running and Strength and Conditioning) and is a Newton Natural Running Form coach.  He combines these skills with his experience of competitive sport and through his supportive and empathetic style, he has successfully worked with athletes of all abilities to successfully improve their running form and multisport skills.

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