About natural running

Running feetRemember how you used to run?

As a child you ran naturally and without inhibition, however form deteriorates with age, lifestyle, injury and footwear choices.

You can rediscover your natural running form by learning to run more efficiently, thereby putting less stress on your body enabling you to enjoy your running once again.

Natural running form is the process of reproducing an efficient running style that allows a runner to perform to their highest possible standard whilst reducing the risk of injury. Natural running form concentrates on encouraging a forefoot strike below your centre of gravity, but using a Land/Load/Lever/Lift technique and working on body position and developing an efficient cadence of around 180 steps per minute.

2 thoughts on “About natural running

  1. I’m not a bad runner. changed to forefoot strike over a year ago and pretty much did the same times after changing as well as losing my knee injuries. I’ve been really working on strengthening my calves in the gym and at home every day. BUT I’m now getting lots of calf and Achilles injuries and running is stagnating and declining…what are most likely faults? before I get someone to analyse me properly.

    • Without seeing you it is impossible to offer an opinion. That said, it took me about 2 years to rediscover a reasonable level of fitness and i am not as fast as I once was. This may be due to the combination of a reduction in training volume and the passing years of course but I was trying to over come 25 years of heel striking. As a result though, I no longer have any real calf issues (a bit tight today after breaking anothr world record!) and, if anything, my ankles are taking the brunt. Perhaps you are trying too hard? When my form improved I found that I didn’t need to do so much strength training on my calf muscles, i no longer needed it.

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