…and finally my belated running log from 2014/15…

Just how late can an annual report be and still be valid?  I suppose that i made the effort to log the numbers and, if only I read this, it will serve 9hopefully) to urge me on and do my training this year.

After reporting that the previous year saw a miserly effort on my behalf for running, this year has been equally poor.  I ran for only 1,228km in 2013/14 but was convinced that by moving to Loughborough I would be both inspired and feel compelled to do more running.  Well, I only managed 1 training run with any Loughborough squad (Triathlon) and that was the beer mile.  I did however get out on my own to enjoy some early morning runs, but, on the whole, I had little time between studies to do anything much more than drink red wine.  I did also find the general attitude toward Natural Running Form to be a little too dismissive and, by the biomechanics department, one of open ridicule.  I am withholding my feedback on this attitude to learning for a more appropriate time but am pleased to have come way from Loughborough University with a  Masters of Science in Sports Coaching.

I can therefore only report a total of 1,188km run during 2014/15 at an average of 22.9 km per week.  This is doubly disappointing because I ran everyday in a four week summer block covering 229km and 166 was achieved in three days during my attempt to run across Rwanda.  This training was backed by an equally unimpressive 2,202km on the bike and a shoddy 24,766m of swimming.  Whilst my studies are in part responsible for this, I did not take sufficient care of myself and suffered from extremely tight hamstrings after sitting down for so long (both in class and in driving too and from the uni).

My racing was therefore quite limited by my usual standards, tackling only the Dambuster Duathlon, Horts european Duathlon Championships and I ran as the 1.35 pacer at the MK Half Marathon – something i thoroughly enjoyed and will repeat again this year.  I also challenged myself to compete in an Ironman without training.  As as a coach, I obviously would not recommend this to anyone and, having done it, I still don’t recommend it at all!  I pulled out 2/3rds of the way through the World Long Distance Duathlon Championships which pretty much summed up the season….however i managed to gets  good run out at the World Standard Distance duathlon in Australia and even added an international park run to my rather short portfolio.  I still had the Return to Rwanda project to focus on and with which made my year complete (to be reported in Ultra next issue).

And so to the shoes.  The stars of previous years have been my Inov8 X Talon 190s.  Great shoes, but I have worn the lugs on one side due to my weak peroneus brevis  and i have not been able to replace them since.  Of course, Inov8 Flites have been the back up and once again they featured heavily in my running.  I still like their versatility but i do still scuff my feet (the weak peroneus brevis perhaps?) and are ‘gym shoes’  and so they do wear out more quickly than i would wish, of course. and so, this year’s most used shoe was a new pair of Inov8 Flite 195s purchased at the tail end of 2014 in which I clocked up 420.65km.  This however pretty much wore the shoes out and, although they were still very comfortable, i decided to enjoy the benefit of a new pair for the run across Rwanda and these notched up an impressive 129.5km in only 3 runs!  The second most used were my Flite 192s which added 192.2km taking their tally to 423.8km and they too are approaching relegation to ‘day shoes’ soon.  The third most used shoe were my Inov8 Trail Rocs which coped well with the farmland at Priors Marston with 187.2km to their name.  These almost feel a little heavy when used after the Flites, but i still like the traction they give and again, their versatility.  I elected to used them on the final climb of Mount Muhabura in Rwanda and was preparing to use them during the New Zealand Coast to Coast race except somebody stole them after I left them out to dry post run.  But you’ll hear more about that when I write about the NZC2C which will be after I have written about Rwanda….


A better year for training is in store this year, I promise…. 🙂


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