You StreamZ band 3 month report

I can’t believe that it has been 3 months since Powerman Uk and my introduction to @Youstreamz
Whilst I have already reported on @naturalrunform that I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate effects – better sleep quality, improved recovery times – After a couple of months this has become the norm and therefore it is hard to remember what went before. Suffice to say that I am now in one of those contradictory parts of my training where I am in need of long sessions on the bike and run but am tempted by wine and salad for lunch in the garden. Suffice to say that somehow the training has won over this week – just – and I have managed a solid 14 hours of bike and run. I have still had my fair share of wine also, however whilst I am pleased to say that I have not had a hangover in a while (am I tempting fate?), I can’t be sure if that is an added benefit of wearing the band or just an increasing tolerance to it.
All in all, however, 3 months in, and I am putting the band on at night and it feels a part of the routine. I am then waking up fresh the next day pretty much ready for another couple of hours of hard training. Roll on Zofingen…YouStreamz


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