100km road test – Inov8 f-LITE 192s

I like giving shoes some time before I make my judgements on them. This may in part be because of my age – only 10 or so years ago we still had to ‘break-in’ running shoes – but also, because over the years I have found that some of my race shoes in particular have developed into trusted friends (Brooks Kona Coast being a prime example – if anyone wants to remake these, I will order hundreds of pairs :)).
Having used f-LITE 230s to my Guinness Indoor Iron Distance World Record in 2012 and f-LITE 195s to 5th place at the Powerman Zofingen Long Distance Duathlon World Champs last year, I was really looking forward to running in this zero differential model from Inov8.
First impressions were positive. I ordered two sizes to ensure I got a good fit – my feet are ever changing and I need a wide toe box to take account of my foot spread. As ever, the shoes felt very comfortable when on, however, as with other recent models from Inov8, for some inexplicable reason they have raised the heel tab and I was immediately aware of an added pressure on my Achilles tendon as a result.
Foolishly, I chose to ignore this and, with 3 of my main running shoes all now displaying this characteristic (X Talons, XTreme Tri and now f-LITES) I ended up with very sore Achilles on both feet. As ever, I stubbornly persevered because the f-LITES were being prepared to be my prime shoe for this year’s World Champs at Zofingen.
Despite the discomfort, the shoes were worn at the 3 day Colworth Trail Marathon in which I won the 1st Supervet for the half marathon and the overall event, finishing 12th in 3.03:12.
During the second day, 8.1 mile trail race, the laces came undone and I regretted sticking with them. Elastic laces will be fitted prior to the Worlds. Otherwise, Achilles aside, the shoes work well on the trail.
Sadly, however, I did not pay enough attention to the increasing pressure on my Achilles and calf muscles and they finally gave way a couple of weeks ago and cried enough! With a little disappointment, I have now had to insert some 3mm heel raises (courtesy of unused Newton MV2 ones) and a pair of gel arch supports to take the pressure off. As a result, and a full on return to completing regular natural running form drills, the pressure is beginning to ease. With 5 weeks to go to the Worlds, I will now probably continue with these supportive measures through to the race and then make a judgement for further activities – and other shoes – ready for the winter.Inov8 f-LITE 192


One thought on “100km road test – Inov8 f-LITE 192s

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve fond the same thing in terms of the heel issue with inov-8s but recently read that you can remould the heal by heating it up first then putting them on whilst warm. I’m glad I read this as before I thought it was more my feet than the shoe, since barefoot I don’t get the same issues. 🙂

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