3 month running shoe review

WE are now 3 months into the Natural Running Form running blog and I thought that I would do a quick tally and update on my running shoe stable.  With 282.92 km run in the period, my Newton Distance racers have run the furthest distance – 144.9 km although 90 or so of that was in one stint during the indoor 12 hour treadmill challenge.  i was post a picture of these to show how little they have worn during this period.  Second up have been my Inov 8 X Talons which, although now in their second hard period of winter use are really showing signs of falling to bits.  They have however run 90.82 km of the total.  The Merrell Trail Gloves have been regularly featured having covered some 24 km but these have all been 3km Woburn park run loops.  The odd numbers have been made up with 6km in my worn out Inov 8 F Lite 195s and 4km in my even older F Lites plus 1.6km each on the track in my Inov Bare Lite 150s and my Saucony Hattoris. 


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