LBTri Hot Lap

For the first time I was able to take part in a club hot lap around Leighton Buzzard despite having already run a 3km park run in the morning to test out my new Merrell Trail Glove.

At the last minute I elected to wear my Inov8 X233s and – because I set the timings 🙂 – I decided to set myself off with a 19:30 target time for the 5km run rather than 20 minutes.  This put me off second to last and I headed out a bit too quickly on the early steep climb out of town.  It took a while to stabilise my lungs as I ran over the top of town and I realised how difficult it is to see the narrow path with the poor street lighting and the autumn leaves which covered the way.  Children enjoying a halloween evening were a regular hazard and every time I opted for the road a car came the other way to force me back onto the pavement.

At the top turn I headed downhill and got my first site of another runner ahead although I was over two thirds of the way down the hill before overtaking Karrie.  An anxious moment outside the chip shop as I negotiated a customer and resisted the temptation to pop in and buy some chips before turning onto the Wing road and closing on first Donna and then Diane.  At some stage Paul came by at a too rapid rate for me to respond and, by then I just wanted to get to the end.  I crossed the line in 19:40 – just 10 seconds off my target – a good start to the winter training.

Back to the Merrells…..they feel a little funny underfoot having a full and flat Vibram sole and I nearly slipped over on the god awful concrete slabs that pretend to be a pavement out front.  Not a good start but, to be honest, just about everything slips on these slabs.

Through the park they responded well although they were perhaps not as comfortable as Inov8s tend to be straight out of the box.  I was able however to pick up my running form quite quickly and was satisfied with the ride.Image


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