The state of our roads….

…are getting far worse….riding from Hemel through Apsley to Watford on the Ridgeback commuter is such a painful experience.  In fact, trying to negotiate the roads could result in a more painful episode with the amount of passing traffic on narrow roads.  Despite this, and the rain, it was a pleasant ish ride to work and a good loosener after last nights track session.

There is nowhere to dry my kit at work and so the return journey was a rather damp affair but, once again, very therapeutic after a day of child minding at an FE college….

I managed a quick circuit on the resistance machines – 3 sets of 12 reps on 9 work stations – just enough to keep ticking over until the winter training starts in earnest.

Spoke to CF on the phone tonight.  A very interesting guy and a superb athlete.  Hopefully we can offer him something of value in the run up to next season…


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